Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Money Magazine rates the best in each state

MONEY’s annual Best Colleges rankings and search tools are designed to help families find a great college at a great price. For many college-bound students, that means a campus within a few hours of home. In fact, eight in 10 college freshman attend a school that’s less than 500 miles from home, according to UCLA’s annual survey of college freshman. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of the highest-ranked college in each state. If you’re wondering why you’ll see just 49 schools, it’s because two states—Alaska and New Mexico—don’t have any colleges that made this year’s rankings (but D.C. does have one).

State of Alabama

Auburn University

Overall rank: 206
  • Estimated price for 2016-17 without aid: $30,300
  • Estimated price for 2016-17 with average aid: $19,100
  • Average student debt: $22,250
  • Early career earnings: $49,000
With an undergraduate population of about 21,700, Auburn isn’t among the largest colleges in our rankings (or even in its state), but a long-time annual tradition known as Hey Day makes it feel even smaller. Students, faculty, and staff all wear nametags and are encouraged to say “hey” to anyone they see on campus. Full profile.

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